May 7, 2012

60's Style Dress Remake

When I was looking for self-made garments in my closet to wear at MMM12, I got hold of this dark green wool crepe dress again. (Please excuse the mess in the background...)

I made it about a year ago from a vintage Simplicity pattern from 1968. That was also the first time I tried myself in pattern grading, as the pattern came in one-and-a-half size too big (grading went surprisingly easy and well!).

I wanted to go with version 1 (the green one at left), but for some reason I put on another self-drafted collar, which I removed a bit later because I didn't like it.
The sad thing is, I only wore the dress once or twice, and then it stayed in my closet to be never worn again. I don't know why, but I felt rather like wearing a period costume in it than wearing a modern 60's style dress. Maybe it just wasn't my style, but I didn't really like it (although I liked the fabric it is made of, a nice wool crepe!). I also found that the pattern looked somehow plain made up in this dark green color.

So when I pulled the dress out of my closet yesterday, I started thinking over again of what was the reason I didn't like it, and if I could maybe change that. So I decided to try it with cutting off the sleeves and making it short sleeved. I also took in the waist at the back darts a little bit. 

So here is the result:

Ok, it's still not the best dress I've ever made, but it does reflect my style more than before, and in any way, it now can be worn even for a weather like we have these days in may, not only in winter (long wool crepe sleeves can be amazingly warm!). And I don't feel like being in disguise any more!


  1. I love this dress, especially the first version. its my kind of style, i love the simplicity of it. You can also brighten up the dress by using a contrast colour belt with it.

    1. Oh thanks! A belt sounds like a good idea, I've never thought of that before but gonna try it next time!


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