July 4, 2012

Being Awarded

The day started really nice when I woke up one day last week and got an email that I was awarded with the Sunshine Award!

I got it from KC from "The Sewcratic Method", who always commented so nicely on my photos in the MMM-12 Flickr group. She is sewing nice garments which suit and fit her so well, and I love her writing style, she often makes me laugh when I'm reading her blog! Thank you so much, KC, both for giving me the award and for your blogging!

The Sunshine Award comes with questions to answer:

Favourite Animal: In general: penguins. And anteaters. I always have to see those two when visiting a zoo. But I would really love to have a cat of my own, only right now it is not possible, unfortunately. But I know for sure that one day I'll have one!

Favourite Number: I really don't have any favorite number. I'm bad with numbers, anyway.

Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Coke. Although I don't drink it a lot, but I love it. And I hate coffee!

Facebook or Twitter: I didn't figure out how Twitter works so far, so therefore: Facebook. I though sometimes have the impression that I didn't figure out Facebook, either.

My Passion: Apart from sewing? Books!

Getting or Giving Presents: I love getting presents!

Favourite Pattern: Does it count if I say that all my vintage, easy-bought patterns are my favourites? I probably will not use them all, but from time to time I do, and I also like looking at them.

Favourite Day of the Week: Saturday! This is when week-end starts, and it is the day with every opportunity, as I can go to Zurich for some shopping or stay at home or do anything I want.

Favourite Flower: Probably the orchid I inherited from my grand-mother. When she passed away, my mother gave me the orchid to care for, so I always feel like getting in touch with my grandmother when I water the plant.

Favourite Celebrity Role Model: Difficult question. I do have role models, people I admire for their characters or personalities, but they are no celebrities. For me the life of celebrities is so far away from mine, and I also suspect that they might be totally different in private than in public life.

Now I have to pass the award along, and to whom is the most difficult question of all of those. I decided to give the award to Gillian of "Crafting a Rainbow", who taught me some japanese words throughout Me-Made-May'12 (which I almost all forgot) and who finally dares to go for fabric shopping in self-made garments!


  1. You are quite welcome. How lovely that you have a flower that keeps you in touch with your beloved grandmother! Now I'm off to enjoy Gillian's blog.

  2. Oh my gosh, thank you! (Arigato gozaimasu!) You put a smile on my face yesterday when I got your message about it. I'm honoured! Now to pick who to pass it on to... Hmm....
    Thanks again!


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