June 27, 2012

New Sewing Toys

After one year of thinking about it, I finally did it: I bought a serger! I am not sure if it is called overlocker or serger, my dictionary says that one expression is American and the other one British English...

In the shop where I bought it they told me that it is really called a "cover locker", because it can not only make those overlock seams but also do cover stitches (those which are often used to hem t-shirts) and chain stitches. Anyway, I don't care so much what it is called like, I am happy to have it!
So, my dear sewing machine, and my dear new cover locker, please be nice to each other and work well together!

Now I have two sewing machines on my table, and I am glad that I still have enough space to do the rest of the work like pinning, hand sewing,...  For tracing patterns and cutting out fabrics I put both machines from the table onto the floor, though.
My first project I did with the new machine was two pair of pants, which I finished yesterday, I hope to show the to you later!

The second investment I made is a small book:

It is mainly a bunch of cards with Pantone color combinations, and a more or less pathetic name and description for each combination.

But why is it useful in sewing? Just imagine the following situation: I'm making a garment, like most of the time from a plain colored fabric, and I think it can use a little extra to spice it up, something like some piping, or buttons, or topstitching in a contrasting color. But which color should I choose? I'm not a creative person (I'm just copying what I like from others, more or less), and I don't have such a thing like a "natural feeling for colors". So, as I am unsure about my color choices, I tend to combine everything with rather neutral colors like black or white or taupe, which works well but is still a bit boring. But from now on, I can open my Pantone booklet, look for the color I'm using for my garment, and see what other colors will go with it harmonically! How good is that? I have to admit that this is only theory so far, I didn't get into described situation yet since I own this book. Apart from that, it is also nice to just leafing through the book and looking at all those nice color sheets!


  1. Oh, Marie! I´m green with envy! Your serger looks amazing! all the pretty things you are going to make. I love the pantone idea! I´m not great with colours... the names are really funny though!

  2. Liebe Marie,ich gratuliere dir vom herzen zu deinem kauf! es war sicher eine sehr gute wahl!ich habe die gleiche overlock seit 1,5 jahren.das ist eine sehr gute maschine. ich habe allerdings nicht so viel glück bei covern.daher mein rat an dich, teste sie auf herz und nieren in cover funktion und zwar auf allen möglichen stoffen, auch auf stark elastischen wie badeanzugstoffe.ich wünsche dir viel glück und viel erfolg!

    1. Danke sehr! Ich habe zu der Maschine noch zwei Einführungskurse bekommen: einen fürs Overlocken und einen zum Covern. Der zum Overlockern war letzte Woche und richtig gut, um die Maschine zu verstehen. Nächste Woche ist dann der Cover-Kurs, da werde ich an dich denken und mir alles demonstrieren lassen! Evtl. bringe ich Badeanzugstoff zum Kurs mit...

  3. Hola Marie,
    Que suerte, tienes una remalladora, seguro que la usas un monton. En cuanto al libro Pantone, no sabía ni que existia!!!. A mi me pasa un poco como a tí, no se combinar muy bien los colores, y me vendría muy bien ese tipo de libro.

    Besitos Marie y deseando ver tus pantalones.

  4. Congratulations to your new friends at home! I am sure they will all get along with each other very well! I am very impressed with your book - that's really a great tool, since my usual colour combinations tend to be a bit boring (I was told I am the "classical type" :)). I hope the new purchases are all heat-prove, an important feature, especially these days :)
    The whalefish on land


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