September 13, 2012

Fabricoholic Confession

I'm now diagnosed as a fabricoholic, officially. How I know?

Marina posted a list of 10 signs that you are a Fabricoholic on her blog, Frabjous Couture. When I read the list, I felt being catched, but I also had to laugh out loud. Although it's not a real surprise, I found it amazing that some of the "little tricks" are more common than I thought. 

I totally say yes to eight of the following statements:

  • The first place where you go after receiving your paycheck is a fabric store
  • Fabric store employees know you by name
  • You have a special discount in at least one fabric store
  • You hide your fabric purchases from your family
  • You run out of storage space for your fabrics 
  • You have a secret stash place
  • You bought the same fabric more than twice because you lost an overview of what you have
  • You are a big fan of sewing blogger meetups (aka fabric shopping sprees)
  • Your adrenaline skyrockets just from browsing online fabric stores. 
  • Parting with fabric (even if you are never going to use it) makes you feel sick. 

Unfortunately, there are no sewing blogger meetups around here, so this point does not match. And I already did buy the same fabric more than twice, but only because I liked it so much and not due to loss of overview of what I have. 

If you recognize yourself, too, then you should visit Marina's blog to join Fabricoholics Anonymous (FA)!


  1. I love your dress, it is so pretty. Here you are sewing for a summer that is almost over and I am down here in Australia, sewing for a winter that is over, mainly because of my guilt over the stack of fabric that I have. On the addiction list, I suffer from all of those symptoms and can't see that anything will change. I simply love fabric and it is nice to know that others like you do too.

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean, I bought a lot of light fabrics this summer which will have to wait until next year. I'm even thinking if I can make an autumn dress out of a summer fabric! On the other hand, I also like just looking at may fabrics, too...

  2. Great post. I absolutely cannot pass up a 'deal' on the Fabric Mart website, whether it's actually a good buy or not. I'll scoop up anything that's $1/yd. How silly (yet deliriously happy) are we? :)


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