November 13, 2012

In Fabric Shopping Heaven

I'm back from vacation in California now, and I enjoyed it a lot, hiking in the Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, but the fabric shopping has also been a very nice part of it!

I originally intended to only buy some silk organza. You cannot get it anywhere around here (at least I don't know any place you can get it). So, as I would have to order it at some US-online shop anyway, I thought it might be practical to buy it instead when I get there.

I spent some time in San Francisco, and it turned out that there was a really good fabric shop right in the center and near our hotel which should sell it, so I went there. In the end, I visited this shop three times: on my first day (it was the first thing I did there!), and then again twice on my last day (there was some tiny little space left in my suitcase, you know...). I liked Britex Fabrics so much, I felt like being in fabric shopping heaven!

And I've never seen such a big fabric shop before. There are four floors, each of them stuffed with the most beautiful fabrics. I wanted to buy almost everything they had, but unfortunately, this is not possible if you have little space in your suitcase and a limited budget to spend.

But, apart from the six yards of silk organza, I bought some nice fashion fabrics.

First, there is a nice Missoni knit fabric, which will certainly be a challenge to sew it up, especially as I still don't have enough experience with knit fabrics. But look at those colors! Isn't the fabric irresistible?

Then, I bought a wool knit fabric with a very interesting pattern:

What looks like circles at first glance is in fact the skirts of dancing women, view from top. This fabric is not so much the colors I usually wear, but I couldn't resist the fanciful pattern and the light, but warm and cozy wool fabric. It will make a great dress or top for the swiss winter!

 I also bought two cotton voiles, which will have to wait until next summer to be sewn up into dresses or blouses. I really like the colors and patterns!

I will not be starting right away with one of those fabrics, still thinking about the perfect patterns for them, and in case of the Missoni knit, I'll wait until I have more experience to sew it. Either that, ore more courage! But the nice thing about bringing fabric from vacations is that whenever you wear the garment/accessory you made from the fabric, you are thinking yourself back to vacation. That makes it garments with a special bonus "relaxing feature", don't you think?


  1. You have chosen well. The fabrics are beautiful and I can't say which I like the best. I agree with you, that buying fabric on holiday and then sewing it up will always be a reminder of your wonderful holiday overseas. I look forward to seeing what you make. Do not be afraid of knit; you of all sewers will be fine. Youtube will no doubt have some very handy tips.

    1. Thanks, Marjorie! It' s a good idea to look for turorials on youtube, I will certainly do this!

  2. Que envidia me das: el viaje, la excursion, las telas!!ufff. Seguro que tuvo que ser muy dificil decidirse por algunas telas y dejar en la tienda otras, verdad?..
    Me alegro por tus compras, que me gustan TODAS!!
    Estoy deseando ver tus creaciones...

    That envy give me: travel, tour, fabrics! Ufff. Sure you had to be very difficult to decide on some fabrics in the shop and let other, right? ..
    I'm happy for your purchases, I like all!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your creations ...

    1. Dear Sonia, you could travel, too, maybe to Switzerland? ;) Besitos

  3. I like everything you took along! The fabrics are fantastic, and I think they are as elegant as you are! ;)
    What a great holiday you had!

  4. I'm glad you like them! And yes, holidays were great, I could have stayed even longer!

  5. That such beautiful fabrics especially the winter, a trip well spent, now working with them.


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